With thousands of fibreglass swimming pools installed in Melbourne and South Gippsland, Compass Pools Melbourne have loads of happy customers willing to share their stories.

“The main reason we bought Vantage infloor cleaning was that we just wanted our pool to be clean 24/7 …… we did not want to look at blankets or robot machines in our water.  Our pool is always beautiful & we can see our pool from our Kitchen so we are always looking at it”.

Erica, Kensington

Swimming Pool Installed: 5.8m Xtrainer Fibreglass Pool in Biluminite Quartz with Infloor cleaning and large gas heater.

To stay or to go!

Erica’s family loved where they lived but needed a bit more space and wanted a swimming pool.  After looking around they decided to reinvest in their house by doing a back bungalow extension and making their yard a usable courtyard pool.

“We love the new space, we heat the pool up all through the year depending on what the boys are doing & love looking at our pool at night as much as the day”.

Small backyards and courtyard pools can be more complicated than larger pools as the planning & design has little room for error.  This area is really another room rather than an outdoor pool.  It is an outdoor space.

The Skoro Family, Bundoora

We chose the 9.4 Contemporary pool in Bi-luminite Sapphire blue with Vantage infloor Self cleaning system and Sunpod water feature.

Max helped us decide on the colour and location of the pool which turned our standard backyard into a resort. Any advice to future pool buyers – just get on with it, make the decision and get the job done as it will be the best thing you do. We love our backyard.