X-Trainer Spa 3D Representation

Some shapes in this range of custom pool and spa in Melbourne may differ from the 3D design shown. Click on the individual ‘view’ for specific design detail.

Pool and Spa Combos

With a fibreglass inground spa, you can enjoy those evenings after work or early mornings with the waking-up nature. But what about having a swim before moving to the spa? Compass pools have a lot of customisation options which mean that you can have a swim and spa combo or your swimming pool can have a beach attached to it. We have built numerous of spa pools in and around Melbourne. Get inspiration from our installations of Waders, Spas and pool and spa combos – some of them are truly breathtaking! The X-Trainer Spa is the number one preference for many our customers. It has entry points from both ends, slip resistant floor and steps, and wide bench seats for relaxation. You can select from all of our Vivid and Bi-luminite colours for your new inground pool and spa.

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Spas and Waders Specification Table

Bonita Spa2.16m2.16m1.07m1.07mView
Calypso Spa2.66m2.4m1.06m1.06mView
X-Trainer Spa2.8m1.8m1.1m1.1mView
4.3 Wader4.32m4.32m50cm50cmView
3.1 Wader3.06m1.96m30cm30cmView

X-Trainer Spa 3D Rotation


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    SPASA Victoria Award 2016 Best Pool and Spa Combination

    Award Winning Pools and Spas

    Compass Pools Melbourne is the most awarded fibreglass pool company in Australia. We have received numerous awards for our pools and spas installations. For 2016, we have been (among other awards) selected as the Highly Commended Award Winner 2016 in the category Best Residential Fibreglass, Acrylic, or Vinyl-Lined Pool and Spa Combination by SPASA Victoria. If interested, you can browse through more of our awards for pools and spas installations.