Plunge Pool 3D Representation

Some shapes in this range of plunge pools and courtyard pools in Melbourne may differ from the 3D design shown. Click on the individual ‘view’ for specific pool design detail.

About Plunge Pool

If you are thinking of a pool but your backyard area is limited, Plunge pool is the one to consider. It has all the features and benefits of its bigger brothers while fitting so well into smaller spaces. Our Plunge Pools come in different sizes starting from 2.85m long and going up to 6.2m. They are extra deep so you can really relax (up to 1.7m). The wide bench on one side and the step ledges on the others are a great place for kids to rest while adding that extra security feature. You can select from all of our Vivid and Bi-luminite colours for your new Plunge pool. Of course, it is manufactured using advanced Compass technologies including the ceramic core for strength and durability of the pool.

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Pool Specification Table

7.0 Plunge7.0m4.2m1.18m1.74mView
6.2 Plunge6.2m3.4m1.42m1.7mView
5.0 Plunge5.0m3.39m1.42m1.65mView
4.8 Plunge4.86m2.26m1.35m1.35mView
3.6 Plunge3.62m2.26m1.35m1.35mView
2.8 Plunge2.85m2.1m1.2m1.2mView
4.5 Courtyard4.48m3.37m1.27m1.50mView

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If you’d like to learn more about plunge pools, you might like to check our article “What Is a Plunge Pool?” Here, we explain the concept of plunge pools and answer (not only) the three most commonly asked questions about them:

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Plunge Pool 3D Rotation


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    Looking for a swimming pool in Melbourne?

    Plunge pools are gaining popularity over the past few years, however, you can choose from other fibreglass pools in our portfolio. When a swimming pool in Melbourne, then with Compass Pools Melbourne!

    SPASA Victoria Award 2016 Best Pool and Spa Combination

    Award Winning Pools and Spas

    Compass Pools Melbourne is the most awarded fibreglass pool company in Australia. We have received numerous awards for our pools and spas installations. For 2016, we have been (among other awards) selected as the Highly Commended Award Winner 2016 in the category Best Residential Fibreglass, Acrylic, or Vinyl-Lined Pool and Spa Combination by SPASA Victoria. If interested, you can browse through more of our awards for pools and spas installations. Our pools can be installed as inground pools or above ground pools using our unique Maxi Rib Technology.