Fast Lane Pool 3D Representation

Fibreglass Pool Shapes - Lap Pools - Fastlane 3D Representation

Some shapes in this lap pool range of Fast Lane pool in Melbourne may differ from the 3D design shown. Click on the individual ‘view’ for specific design detail.

Our Lap Pool Range

The Fast Lane is ideal for swimming laps, fitness, and aquatic aerobic excercise. It features an unobstructed swimming corridor, has flat bottom, and can come with optional external steps that can be located in various positions along the pool wall. We have two standard lengths of Fast Lane pool shell in our portfolio, however, for those who take the swimming serious, we offer the possibility of building a custom length lap pool up to 30 metres! You can choose from all of our Vivid and Bi-luminite colours for your new Fast Lane pool. Of course, it is manufactured using advanced Compass technologies including the ceramic core for strength and durability of your lap pool.

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Specification Table

10.310.34m2.78m1.46m1.46m View
12.312.26m2.78m1.46m1.46m View
Custom Lengthsup to 30m2.78m1.46m1.46m View
Optional external steps3m1.2mNANAView

Fast Lane Fibreglass Pool 3D Rotation


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    Looking for a swimming pool in Melbourne?

    Fast lane is the perfect choice both for fitness and leisure, however, you can choose from other fibreglass pools in our portfolio. When a swimming pool in Melbourne, then with Compass Pools Melbourne!

    If you’d like to get more information about this lap pool, get in touch with us using the button below. We provide free quotes on our pools, however, you can get a better idea regarding fibreglass lap pool prices when you read our Advice articles on how much does a pool cost and what components does the final price for a pool consists of. And yes, it is possible to build infinity lap pools and above ground lap pools using our Fast Lane fibreglass pool shell with the Maxi Rib technology – please refer to this article for more information about the pricing of an infinity pool.