What Is a Plunge Pool?

By April 2, 2017Pool Ideas
Plunge Pool - Fibreglass Swimming Pool Ideas

With block sizes getting smaller and houses getting bigger the plunge pool has seen a huge growth in its demand. With less space to work with in backyards, we also found that trying to size a pool between house footings, retaining walls and boundary fences the plunge pools has become one of our more popular ranges.

Typically, it was inner suburbs of Melbourne where our fibreglass plunge pools were the most popular. Suburbs like Northcote, Ascot Vale, Essendon, Williamstown, Ashburton were amongst the highest number of small pools we have built. In the past 3 years, we have seen a new growth of plunge pools in other suburbs like Greenvale, Whittlesea, Malvern, Doreen, Hillside, Berwick & Lyndhurst where previously we had not.

Many people have asked us at Compass Pools Melbourne about fibreglass plunge pools and the most popular questions are:

  1. What is a fibreglass plunge pool?
  2. What size is a fibreglass plunge pool?
  3. How much does a fibreglass plunge pool cost?

1. What Is a Fibreglass Plunge Pool?

There is no specific definition to a plunge pool – but we consider the plunge pool to be any pool that is somewhat restricted for swimming laps.  It is also considered a small family play pool that allows you to cool off (plunge into the water) but is not quite long enough to swim laps.

2. What Size Is a Fibreglass Plunge Pool?

Any pool 6m or under would be considered a plunge pool.  Our 4.8m, 5m and 6m versions are our top three popular plunge sizes. Though they are considered smaller than the more popular ‘30 x 12 foot’ or ‘8m x 4m’ family size pool, the plunge pool is still a play pool.   It is also a family pool.  When interviewing Xavier Smith from Compass Pools Melbourne about his plunge pool (his pool is 4.8m) he said ‘it is amazing, it is still large enough for kids doing bombs, classic catches and endless games of Marco Polo ….. sometimes there are over 8 kids in there and it keeps them playing for hours’.

3. What Does a Fibreglass Plunge Pool Cost?

There is a misconception that the because it is only a small pool it must be a lot less money to install.  Unfortunately, sometimes tight spaces, tricky access can actually add more to the price of a plunge pool project. The time to dig, the cost of administration for permits, the installation on site etc is only marginally less regardless if your pool is 5m or 8m. The plunge pool range is not that different in average pool price projects than their 8m family pool.

Some people also choose to ‘spec’ their plunge pool up with ‘swimspa features’ – i.e. Spa jets, swim or exercise machines.  For example, features that are added to give the plunge pool more versatility – i.e. many plunge pools have ‘exercise jets’ installed and this one feature can add $3,500 – $7,000 onto a project cost depending on which type is chosen.

Many customers also include the infloor circulation and cleaning system.  This system is very popular even with the plunge fibreglass range. Some might say ‘if it is only small why would you need to make the pool self-cleaning?’  There are two main reasons for this; firstly, many times the plunge pool is positioned so that it is in full view from within the house 24/7 (i.e. through the kitchen window or feature window looking out to the pool) hence visually it is part of the house view and needs to be clean. No one wants to get home and look out their feature window at a pool with leaves of dust in the corners. Secondly, many customers choose gas heaters or heat pumps and the infloor system allows the heat to enter the pool through the floor. This makes the pool heat up time quicker and more economically.

Please see a table of the last 10 fibreglass 5.2m x 3.4m plunge pools contract value our customers have worked with us to design. Like a house build or renovation, the price of each pool project (even when it is the same fibreglass pool size) can vary so greatly.

Suburb$ Contract
Safety Beach$47,000
Pascoe Valle Sth$44,090
Caroline Springs$40,350

5.2m x 3.4m Fibreglass Plunge pool SPASA contract values

Plunge Pool Installation Ideas

Interested in Having a Plunge Pool in Your Backyard? 


Explore our range of plunge pools starting from 2.85m long up to 6.2m. We have 5 models in the plunge pool range to select from and you can choose from both of our vivid and bi-luminite colours for your new plunge pool.

They are extra deep so you can really relax (up to 1.7m). The wide bench on one side and the step ledges on the others are a great place for kids to rest while adding that extra security feature. Of course, it is manufactured using advanced Compass technologies including the ceramic core for strength and durability of the pool.

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