$3,100 Upgrade! 3 Products Including a Pool Cover for only $50

May 2017 – Time for a New Pool

This May we have something special for our new customers. If you decide to buy a fibreglass swimming pool before 31 May 2017, you will get an upgrade worth $3,100 for only $50. This product package consists of 3 products:

  1. Daisy bubble blanket and roller valued at $1,800
  2. Automatic water filling priced $750
  3. Remote control for pool light(s) IRIS valued $550

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Components of the Upgrade Package

May 2017 Special Upgrade Daisy Pool Cover 800

Daisy Bubble Blanket and Roller 

Valued $1,800

All you need to cover your pool – a Daisy bubble blanket will protect your pool and a roller will allow you to manipulate the cover off and on. It takes just 30 seconds to roll the cover off or back onto the pool water. This solar swimming pool cover can also warm your pool on some days by up to 8˚C completely for free by the sun.

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Automatic Pool Water Filling System

Automatic Water Filling

Valued $750

Refilling the pool water manually can be quite annoying. Even though your new solar pool cover minimises the evaporation while the pool is covered, you will still lose water when using the pool. With the automatic water filling system, you can skip this part of pool maintenance. More time to enjoy your new pool and have fun!

IRIS Remote Pool Lights Control

Remote Control for Pool Lights

Valued $550

The iRIS lighting controller allows you to take complete control of your pool lights through the elegant touch screen remote. Change colours, adjust brightness and have independent control of your pool & spa lights, all at the touch of a button. With over 30m line of range, you have the freedom to operate your pool lights from in and around your home.

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May 2017 Special Upgrade Daisy Pool CoverDaisy Solar Pool Cover

If you thought that you would purchase a pool with a swimming pool cover, Daisy pool covers are the ideal option. They are made of top quality materials, they look good and help you reduce the cost of maintaining a warm sustainable pool. Years of research and development by Daisy under Australian conditions has resulted in a technically innovative design that is exclusive to Daisy.

The SB250 solar pool cover represents a popular option. As with all Daisy pool covers, it features Daisy’s trademarked UltraDome™ technology to outperform all others in terms of durability and insulation. The unique design and moulding technique enables the polyethylene (PE) bubble layer to be formed in a profile that is consistent in thickness.

This results in:

  • The elimination of weak points for maximum durability and greater strength of the pool cover
  • Super toughened to resist salt, sun and chemicals
  • Maximum insulation and minimised heat and water loss.

Some of the savings these pool covers enable include:

  • Save more of the sun’s warmth  – on some days it warms your pool by up to 8˚C for free.
  • Save on water – up to 10,000L per month by improving water retention.
  • Save on heat loss – reduced heating costs and heat loss.
  • Save on cleaning  – pool cover helps keep out dirt and leaves.
  • Save on chemicals – reduce salt and chemical use by up to 50%.
  • Save on time – comes with a roller and thus, rolls off and on in 30 seconds.
  • Save on evaporation – reduces evaporation by 97%.
  • Save money – higher quality, better design, lasts longer.
  • Save with a rebate – check with your local water authority.

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IRIS Remote Pool Lights ControliRIS Pool Lights Remote Control

Control all your pool lights comfortably with this touch device. With the iRIS lighting controller, the perfect lighting show is always at your fingertips.

Overview of its features:

  • Power button with LED indicator – LED indicator remains illuminated while remote is in an active state and changes colour to indicate the selected lighting channel.
  • 7 static colours – choose the colour to suit your mood. With a choice of 7 stunning static colours, you can completely transform the look of your pool at the touch of a button.
  • Pool/Spa channel selection – independently select the colour of your pool and spa lights using the Mode selection button.
  • Brightness control – now you can select how bright you would like your lights using brightness control. Select between 3 levels of brightness for the perfect lighting effect for your home.
  • 4 multicolour modes – whether it’s a romantic night or a party to remember, the iRIS has a colour show to suit every occasion. Select between 4 multicolour modes from tranquil blues and whites to fast beat party modes, or simply sit back and enjoy the colours of beautiful Australian sunset.
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  • Jenny says:

    Hi, We are thinking of taking advantage of this offer. Are there any limitations, e.g. the pool shape, colour or maybe maximum number of pools sold within this promotions? Thanks for your reply! Warm regards, Jenny

    • CPM says:

      Hi Jenny, There are no such limitations to this promotion. You can choose from all the fibreglass pool shapes we have in our portfolio, and also, you can select both Bi-luminite and Vivid colour for your new pool. We do not limit this offer to a certain number of pools sold, however, hurry up as the offer finishes on 31 May 2017. We will be very happy to talk to you, if you decide to move on, please click on “I AM INTERESTED” to get in touch with us and take advantage of this special offer. Kind regards, Your Compass Pools Melbourne Team

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