Fibreglass Lap Pools: All You Need to Know

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Compass Pools Melbourne Fibreglass Lap Pools

Are you keen on doing laps but prefer a fibreglass pool? No problem, despite the longest pool in our portfolio has 12m, we can use our unique technology to create much longer pools. Read on to find out more about lap pools we built for our clients.

Most Common Questions About Lap Pools Answered

What Is a Fibreglass Lap Pool?

One of the very common questions we get asked at Compass Pools Melbourne is ‘We are thinking of getting a Lap pool … but how long is a lap pool?

What defines a lap pool depends on the individual? There is no set rule or definition for a Lap Pool. Though one usually considers a long slender looking pool a ‘lap pool’ it doesn’t have to be a specific width or length.

The Compass pool range does have fibreglass lap pools which we call our Fast Lane Series. We have two set ‘Fast Lane’ sizes (internal) 10m x 2.5m and 12m x 2.5m.  We also have the option to customised the length of our Fast Lane up to 30m long.

A lap pool can be customised to suit any site in length with the technology available at Compass Pools Australia.  We can link together 2 or 3 shells to created our clients desired length.  Please look at our case study that shows a 25m lap pool.

How Long Is a Lap Pool?

The Olympic size pool is 50m long (or half-length 25m).

Yet some of our clients have had customised Fast Lane to an 8m Lap Pools and they still consider this a lap pool.  Other clients would laugh at that and say ‘8m is not a Lap pool!!’

At Compass Pools Melbourne, we would consider a lap pool any pool that allows our clients to swim.  For some clients, they require at least 10 or 14m where as some only require 6m or 8m.

How Wide Is a Lap Pool?

2.5m is a minimum width for what we suggest is required for lap swimming.  Our Fast Lane is 2.8m (external) 2.5m (internal) and this width allows you to complete a comfortable stroke without feeling like you will hit the sides.  Though an Olympic pool has a standard lane that is 1.8m.  These lanes only have the lane ropes as the barrier and it feels like a good width, however when you replace the ropes with the pool wall (single lane pool) then you do require a bit more space so you don’t hit the edges. You do require a little more width when it is one single lane.

How Deep is a Lap Pool?

Our Fast Lane series of fibreglass lap pools are flat bottom pools that are 1.5m deep.  This depth is deep enough to jump and splash into yet practical enough to allow you to stand and use the pool in other non-lap swimming modes.

How Much Do Lap Pools Cost?

If our clients choose a standard length Fast Lane fibreglass Lap pool (i.e. 10.3m or 12.3m) then the cost of the lap pool is like any other pool.  Depending on what you wish to add to the pool the price will range from $40,000 -$65,000 depending on pool package.

If you wish to customise a Fast Lane Lap pool (whereby we join together 2 or 3 Fast lanes with our Link Technology then the price of a 20m Fast Lane Lap pool will begin at $95,000 and could be packaged up to an average of $130,000.  When you start to build a Lap pool over 12m meters the cost does increase quite considerably.  Long Lap pools are one of the more expensive types of pools you can build.

How Popular Are Lap Pools?

The Lap pool is a very photogenic looking pool.  As such it does feature strongly in magazines and lifestyle media. The reality, however, is the lap pool only represents a small amount of pools that are built. In our range, The Fast Lane (our fibreglass lap pool) represent less than 3% of the pools that we build. It does, however, have the highest view rate on our website which confirms what we know that many people do like and enquiry about a fibreglass Lap Pool.  The reason that many people explain to us that they end up choosing a wider pool is that ‘lap swimming’ is usually only a small part behind the reason to purchase a pool. The main reasons are for lifestyle, family and entertainment with actual swimming sometimes a 4th consideration. Most people choose 3m or 4m wide pool to allow for other fun activities rather than just lap swimming.

Case Studies of Lap Pool Installations

Fibreglass Lap Pool in Rye – 25m x 2.8m

This is a 25m fibreglass lap pool.  The pool was made up of 3 separate fibreglass lap pools that were joined together on site.  The Compass Pools Australia Link rebate technology allows this with minimal visual joins.

The client wanted to swim laps and it is the official half Olympic swimming pool length.

The pool also has a spa positioned half way which has a Nexus edge (a customised drop edge between the pool and the spa to allow a small overflow of water for a visual feature).

The pool and spa have been built with Vantage infloor cleaning and circulation system making it self-cleaning.

The Bi-luminite colour is Quartz.

Compass Pools Melbourne 25m Custom Lap Pool with Spa in Rye 2Compass Pools Melbourne 25m Custom Lap Pool with Spa in Rye 1Compass Pools Melbourne 25m Custom Lap Pool with Spa in Rye 4Compass Pools Melbourne 25m Custom Lap Pool with Spa in Rye 3

Two Lane Lap Pool 11.8m x 4.2m

This photo captures the beautiful lines of a two lane lap pool.  Two lanes in width allow multipurpose swimming for not only lap swimming but other family use.

When designing this pool project with the client, they wanted the pool to sit gently in the environment.  It is a natural colour and they wanted clean lines. They wanted it to blend in but look pretty rather than be in contrast hence didn’t go with a traditional blue pool.  They chose the colour Biluminite_Beach.  They chose from the X-trainer (cross trainer) range (instead of the Fast Lane) range.

This pool was built as a Maxi Ribbed pool using the Compass Pools Australia Kevlar Rib Technology. They decided to do this to keep the finished top of the pool closer to the existing deck level. The pool is not only free-standing pool but because the block sloped away, a suspended slab had to be pre-built to sit the pool on. This slab was custom built for the pool depth and infloor heads for the infloor cleaning system.  A suspended slab was needed as the 4 corners of the pool were not sitting on the natural solid ground.

This client did not want an infinity edge pool and elected to have the glass edge installed.  This saved a bit on the cost (infinity edge pools do cost more_ see infinity edge pools) and it also helped with water evaporation.

The pool was built with a drop edge along one side and then we built a stainless channel that was fixed and sealed to the pool.  The glass then sits in this and it is hidden so it doesn’t look ‘tacked’ on.  The inside shell then has a matching tile to cover this edge.

This pool has the Vantage infloor cleaning system which was very important for not only cleaning but also for circulation.  The heat comes through the floor heads making it very efficient.  This clean pool is swim ready every day.

This pool was designed for regular lap swimming but they also wanted to the pool proportional to space. They wanted it to be easy to get to (not having to walk down many steps to get to the pool).  They also recognised that it enhanced their view and made them enjoy their view even more.

Compass Pools Melbourne Lap Pools Toseland Trafalga Xtrainer Maxi Glass Edge Beach 1Compass Pools Melbourne Lap Pools Toseland Trafalga Xtrainer Maxi Glass Edge Beach 2Compass Pools Melbourne Lap Pools Toseland Trafalga Xtrainer Maxi Glass Edge Beach 3

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