Why you should make your pool the focus of your landscaping design

Are you considering landscaping your backyard? Now’s the time of year to think about making changes, however, did you know that changing the design to focus on the backyard swimming pool has many advantages? Thoughtful pool landscaping planning will not only increase the value of your home, it will also add functionality and style to the rest of the backyard.

According to a 2015 survey by market research company Roy Morgan Research, around 12 percent of the Australian population have swimming pools in their backyard. The findings showed Perth to be the leading capital city in backyard pool ownership at nearly 18 percent. Roy Morgan also found that backyard pools were far more prevalent in cities than in rural Australia, with the exception of regional Queensland which, with 17 percent, has one of the highest proportions of people in the country with an outdoor swimming pool.

Swimming Pool as the Centre of Landscaping

If you are one of the fortunate people to own a backyard pool, or are considering building one, why not consider making it the centrepiece of your garden landscaping?

There are many ways to carry out pool landscaping, depending on your budget, needs and preferences. Taking these into account, determining the space available and selecting the right materials for the job, will determine the project’s success. You will need to decide on the right outdoor swimming area, whether outdoor structures, such as pool houses and gazebos, can be incorporated into the design, and the pool landscaping requirements that will complement the project.


The pool area must function as an ideal and safe swimming space for people of all ages as well as a fun and relaxing entertainment area. Allocating the right amount of space for these functions is the first factor to consider. How many people would you like to entertain in the seating area? Do you have enough space set aside in the design for a large group of children to enjoy the facilities? Is there enough room for them to be safely supervised by adults?

Proper planning will also see the pool landscaping area as part of the backyard where everyone comes together for parties, visits and outdoor barbecues and cook outs. Adequate space and a comfortable setting should be an imperative part of the planning.

While the use of the swimming pool and the surrounding design for entertainment and relaxation go hand-in-hand, the ideal relaxation setting is entirely the choice of your family and their preferences. It is vital to the success of the project to sit down first with them and determine what their needs are for the pool and entertainment area, then plan the pool landscaping in accordance with these needs.


There are many ways to focus the pool as the stylistic centre of the backyard landscaping. Doing so will make it the dominant feature of the garden landscape both visually and functionally. The kind of setting you find most relaxing and comfortable will be based on your — and your family’s — choice. Once this is decided, work these ideas into the design. For example, do you prefer rounded pools and a fernery setting? Or more modern landscaping? Which feature colours suit the overall structure and surrounds? Do you prefer a lighter or darker shade in pavers, outdoor furniture, plants and rockeries?
Don’t forget the lighting of the pool and its surrounds. It is important to work on this as part of the original plan of the pool landscaping. Talk to your pool specialist about the options available and the difference they will make to the project.

A great deal of the stylistic features of the pool landscaping will depend on the amount of money you want to spend and the room you have for a pool and its surrounds. Your choice for the pool area may also include structures such as a gazebo, an entertainment area, even a small patio. You may wish to consider adding a pool house if you have enough space. This will allow you to store materials and provide cover, shade and a changing area for people using the swimming pool.

Pool Landscaping Ideas


It is imperative that pool fencing be stable and long-lasting. By law, pool safety fences must meet the requirements listed in Australian Standard 1926 (AS 1926). Your local council will have details should you need to find out more about how these standards will affect you and your landscaping project.
However, safety doesn’t stop at the robustness of the pool fence. You should always supervise young children, maintain latches on the fence doors and never leave doors propped open. Seating must be kept away from the fence area as this may give children the opportunity to climb over. Planning for pool landscaping should also include the type of pavers used. Not only should you choose pavers that are stylish and durable but also those that are manufactured to be non-slip. Children will always find an excuse to run in pool areas and the right pavers will help prevent accidents on what is a slippery surface.


Excellent pool landscaping will also add value to your home. The right decision on the shape and size of the pool, associated building structures and the surrounding landscaped area will help make your property of more interest to potential buyers. This is particularly so in warmer areas of the country and where buyers are more likely to have young children.

A 2014 survey conducted by property site, realestate.com.au, found a backyard swimming pool is the second most desired feature that respondents would add to their home, after an extra bedroom. A 2013 study by the site also found that a pool was the most desired feature looked for by house hunters and renters.

With records showing Australian summers to be getting warmer, it makes sense to have a backyard pool area which can give you a place to cool off and relax. A well-designed pool landscaping project will also act as the focal point of your entertainment activities, particularly during the warmer months.
Interested in finding out more about pool landscaping? How the right design can boost the value of your property? Would you like to learn how it can be designed to be the centre of activity in your backyard? Contact us for more information. We pride ourselves on our customer service and look forward to hearing from you.