How Much Does an Infinity Edge Swimming Pool Cost?

Infinity Pools by Compass Pools Melbourne

At Compass Pools Melbourne we have built many infinity swimming pools over the last 37 years. They are one of the more complex types of build however they do create some of the most amazing projects.

A swimming pool is always more than just for swimming in. Naturally, that is usually the number one reason for deciding to build a swimming pool in your backyard. However, one of the other reasons is the sense of calm that water brings people.

Having the view of the water (be it natural or manmade) creates a whole new reason to build a swimming pool, however, having an existing view and enhancing this view with moving water is the main reason why people choose to invest in an infinity swimming pool.

Cost of an Infinity Pool

Most infinity edge pools add $25,000 to $35,000 to the price of a pool project. With the cost of a pool project ranging from $40,000 to $70,000 adding a negative edge or an infinity edge can cause stress on a backyard budget. We are always asked ‘why do they cost so much’ or ‘I have a slope so you wouldn’t have to dig much so how much would an infinity edge cost’?

The main reason for this cost is that you are actually building two swimming pools. Though the end result only shows water disappearing, the reality is that the water has to go somewhere to create that effect. The area it goes to has to allow for a third of the pools holding capacity.  So we are therefore building another ‘pool’. Even though the hidden pool is only a third the size of the pool of choice, it is still another pool.

The cost of the infinity edge or disappearing pool is made up of 3 main areas;

  1. Manufacturing of a special edge on the swimming pool shell;
  2. Building the pool shell as Maxi rib technology for free standing or building a normal pool shell installation with concrete beam retaining work to support the sides and top of the edge; &
  3. The holding tank or hiding pool to hold the water.

Each job requires an engineer to design the holding capacity including hydraulics, support design and ground support.

Does the Size of the Negative Edge or Infinity Edge Affect the Price?

In some ways, the size does not have a huge impact on the cost. If you were planning on a 6m disappearing edge would almost require the same amount of work as a 9m edge. Thus, having an infinity lap pool does not add that much extra cost compared to a smaller-sized swimming pool. If the negative edge or infinity edge includes a corner of the pool then that can add additional costs.

Please see three different case studies of some of the Negative edge or infinity pools that we have built. All three are different construction methods with a fibreglass swimming pool.

Infinity Pools Case Studies

Case Study 1 – Mirboo North, South Gippsland

Our clients had the most spectacular views of the natural hills of South Gippsland however they wanted to extend this view by adding running water.  Though there was already the perfect drop in their natural ground we still had to cut away the existing slope to accommodate a purpose built concrete slab.  We had to request the unique order of having the manufacturer build the pool with a 100mm drop in the coping (along the infinity edge). The pool was also built by the manufacturer with Maxi Rib technology to allow it to be free standing.  These ribs were filled with concrete. The pool was built with holding tanks in the ground which were designed to hold 1/3rd of the pools water capacity. With this job, we dug these tanks into the ground covered with earth.  We then custom built a catchment tank to feed these tanks. Once all this work was completed by us,  the deck builder came in and framed out around the edge, tiled the edge and built the deck.

The cost of the infinity edge component on this job was $33,000.

Case Study 2 – Mount Martha, Mornington Peninsula

This customer had designed the kitchen/living area of his house on the second floor.  The swimming pool and spa were actually built on top of the garage. Their main living was on the second floor to accommodate the view of Port Phillip Bay.  He could look out over Safety Beach, Mt Eliza, Frankston and along the Mornington Peninsular coastline.

This negatived edge pool had a custom made drop built into the Compass pool by the manufacturer.  We used the Maxi Rib technology to make the pool and spa free standing.  At the design stage of the house build, the engineer designed the roof the garage to take the weight of the water the pool, spa and holding tank for the infinity edge.  The heights of the pool had to also allow for the infloor heads to keep the pool clean. The holding tank was built behind the pool and was designed large enough to hold a third of the pools holding capacity.

Once the pool and spa were built the landscaper then framed out the pool with cement sheeting and finished off with tiles.

This negative edge as a line item cost $31,000.

Case Study 3 – Sanctuary Lakes, Point Cook, Wyndham Council

This swimming pool was built with a 600mm height difference to enhance the water view from their living room.  The pool was manufactured with an 110mm drop in the pool shell. It was a standard installation with the support structure built out of a ‘wrap edge concrete beam’.  This supported the pool partially out of the ground.

The concrete was fibreglass lined including the concrete holding tank designed to hold 1/3rd of the pool’s capacity.  The landscaper tiled the outside of the edge and rendered the concrete edge.

This infinity edge component of this pool build cost $29,000.

Case Study 1

An infinity pool installed in Mirboo North, South Gippsland

Case Study 2

An infinity pool installed in Mouth marta, Mornington Penninsula

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